20 Sided Stories is an improvised, actual-play podcast where a rotating cast of self-proclaimed comedians, artists, performers, nerds, writers, and what have you, play a table-top RPG and deliver the spontaneity to you in the form of a improvised radio play. That means sound effects and design and an original music score. And we want you to freely drop in and out, so every season (8-13 episodes) will be a NEW adventure with new characters and new stories.

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20 Sided Stories is executive produced by Sage G.C. and Greg Reasoner. We are Bay Area located improvisers with varied backgrounds in storytelling, performance, and comedy. In early 2015, we started an ambitious interactive choose-your-own-adventure film series called Choice of Action (currently in post-production) which was helmed by Sage's film duo/studio Paper Mirror Films. Sage has been taking directing, acting, and writing music seriously since 2012, while Greg founded the award winning improv team Dragon Viper Cobra that has been going strong since 2010. We are also huge nerds and podcast fans who see a void in improvised content that we want to help fill!


Sage G.C.

Host, GM, editor, music

Greg Reasoner


There's one big issue with recording sessions of role playing games; as fantastic and fun and imaginative and intense as they can be, these games often take a lot of talking. And unless you are the most charismatic group of comedians in the world (or happen to live in Chicago), it can be pretty unapproachable. Rather than bank on our charisma score (which, don't worry, its above average), we want to bring you into our stories and create truly immersive audio serials for you to enjoy no matter where you are or what your commute is.


The podcast will be organized into separate series, each of which will start with a pilot season and may be expanded to have sequels depending on your feedback. But our goal is to spice it up as much as possible to build a varied catalog for you and our future listeners to explore at their own pace.


To us the world of Table Top RPG's are not just anti-social basement games for nerds looking to number crunch their next killing blow, they are vastly flexible and wonderful tools for group storytelling and automatic laugh machines just waiting to be operated. 20 Sided Stories hopes to rid once-and-for-all that feeling of "you had to be there" and capture the honest magic that is pen, paper, polyhedral dice, and good company.

Artwork by Greg Reasoner and Sage G.C.


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